Screening for Risky Cannabis Use in a Canadian Population Survey

The purpose of this internship with the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse is to compare the effectiveness of two instruments that assess risky/problematic cannabis use (i.e. the ASSIST and the CUDIT), for predicting cannabis‐related harms in the new national survey of drug and alcohol use, and to recommend which of the two instruments be retained in future cycles of the survey. Second, the research will need to validate criteria (i.e. cut‐off scores) for identifying problematic/risky use of cannabis. Establishing valid criteria for identifying subclinical risky use of alcohol and illicit drugs is critical for the identification of targets for brief intervention. The final product will be a publication‐ready report detailing the recommendations and analyses supporting those recommendations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Christopher G. Davis


Jennifer Thake


Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse




Life sciences


Carleton University



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