Searchable Social and Environmental Impact Measurement Database

Stakeholders from all business sectors are increasingly looking to businesses to address pressing social and/or environmental issues. Co-operatives are facing the same challenges, and must also use non-financial indicators to demonstrate their co-operative difference.
The purpose of this project is to develop a web-based searchable database of existing tools and frameworks to measure social and environmental performance of business and enterprises. Thus far, we have identified in excess of 80 different tools and frameworks that could be used by co-operatives to measure their social and environmental performance. Through this Mitacs grant, this data will become organized, standardized and searchable within a web-based database. As something of this nature has not been done for the co-operative sector, it would become the “go to” database on expanded reporting for co-operatives in Canada, if not globally.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pawan Lingras


Atenea Vidales


Duguid Consulting


Computer science


Environmental industry




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