Secure remote Web Proxy without the use of VPN

The aim of project is to establish a secure remote proxy connection between two parties where one party is behind a firewall or say NAT. This strategy is required in Martello’s product, MarWatch where technician is remotely located from client. In case, client faces any trouble, services from technician are invoked making sure they do not have access beyond control panels, etc. Intern has proposed alliance of WebRTC and JSEP (Javascript Session Establishment Protocol) protocol keeping in mind the framework and nature of testing unit (JUnit) used at Martello Technologies. WebRTC enables audio and video streams to be developed in Javascript and deployed directly on Web browser. That is why their association seems a promising technique for better performance of MarWatch. If this phase of implementation stands successful, next step will be implementation of secure encryption technique, preferably SRTP using Davies-Meyer algorithm which enables any communication to be protected against eavesdropping or any kind of attack.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Kunz


Gurleen Kaur


Martello Technologies


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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