Security Mechanisms for Mobile Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, with its low cost and scalability, is becoming more and more popular today. By outsourcing computation requirements to cloud, consumers as well as business entities can reduce their IT costs significantly while enjoying more and better services. Mobile devices are among the earliest to adopt this new computing paradigm due to their limited computing capability and power supply. However, the multi-tendency nature of cloud computing also introduces new security challenges such as leak of information. This project is targeted at these security challenges. In specific, mechanisms for securing information stored in cloud will be developed. The mechanisms will be implemented in software that leverages existing technologies developed by InBay Technologies Inc., an Ottawa-based company. It may lead to new products for InBay and provide unique training opportunities for graduate students in a hot industrial area.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Changcheng Huang


Khaled Salem Albaden, Ebrahim Ghazisaeedi & He Zhu


InBay Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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