Segment-based Fleet Management System for Semi Real-Time Analysis

Traditional fleet management systems suffer from zone-based aggregation. i.e. they use aggregate zone-level road and terrain characteristics to estimate trip performance indicators. In addition, most of these systems require intermediate ad-hoc staging tables to generate trip performance reports. To address these limitations, this research aims at developing a segment-based fleet management system for near real-time analysis. The proposed approach uses static segmentation to associate road and terrain characteristics with each segment of the road network. Then dynamic segmentation is utilized to aggregate and link event data to road and terrain characteristics at the segment- and trip-levels. This treatment ensures more accurate analysis at a lower computational cost, without the need for intermediate staging tables specific to a particular report. In addition, optimal travel routes can be generated to minimize cost, minimize slope, maximize speed, etc. to the destination or to the nearest city or highway from a given road segment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ahmed Idris


Abdul Rahman Masoud


Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc




Automotive and transportation


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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