Selection and Standardization of a Metabolite Profile for Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is caused by changes in the wall of the blood vessels of the legs that make them narrow and stiff. The main causes of PAD are atherosclerosis and smoking. Unlike many other diseases, there is no blood test that is capable of detecting PAD. Instead, persons have to be referred by their doctor and they must go to a specialized clinic where an hour long ankle-brachial (ABI) test is performed.
Koven wants to develop a simple and reliable blood test that can detect PAD. The project described in this application is intended to complete the next phase of the diagnostic kit development by confirming which blood compounds would be the best to use and then determining the best way to measure them. Once completed, this blood test will make diagnosis of PAD less costly and easier to access.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Zahradka;Carla Taylor


Youjia Du


Koven Technology






University of Manitoba


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