Semantic Forwarding Engine for Content-based Routing

This project is about content-based networks. In content-based networks, the decisions regarding the forwarding of data are done by inspecting the actual information contents. The forwarding process is guided by properties of the payload data. This is in contrast with traditional networks where forwarding is guided only by the destination addresses contained in packets. Content-based networking finds applications in the areas of network management, financial services, environmental and military landscape monitoring, traffic monitoring and control, supply chain parcel and product tracking, customized consumer contentpush and computer gaming. An important challenge is the ability to do content-based networking at high speeds. The research is performed specifically on highspeed forwarding of contents represented in XML, a universally accepted application data representation language. Wire-speed matching to XML payload to semantic policies will be investigated. Prototypes of XML forwarding algorithms will be developed and their performance will be evaluated.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michel Barbeau


Paul Boone


Alcatel Canada Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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