Sensor Development and System Intelligence for Smart Hive and Apiary Management

Honeybees play a significant role in the Canadian economy for pollinating crops and producing honey. One third of our food comes from the crops and vegetables benefiting by pollination from bees. Around the world, honeybees are facing significant challenges, and this has led to increased costs of production for food products. This research project will develop technologies for the monitoring and management of apiaries. Smart Frames are a main focus, and will enable the monitoring of hive conditions at specific locations within hive boxes, and will offer to control temperature locally on each frame. Local thermal control will be explored to supplement regulation of hive temperature, and as a method of varroa mite control. An intelligent software platform will be developed that will incorporate and analyze hive sensor data. These technologies represent a strategic technology effort for both of our industry partners Function Four and Durston Honey Farms, who will collaborate closely on the technology development and its application in a commercial apiary.

Faculty Supervisor:

Cyrus Shafai;Robert Currie


Sajad Mirzaei;Danika Phiona Buhr


Function Four


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Manitoba



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