Sensor web adaptation to geotechnical sensor networks

This project investigates the use of adaptive sensor web systems in supporting a geotechnical sensor called the ShapeAccelArray. ShapeAccelArrays measure the movement of earth by placing a long (up to 100m long) thin (27mm diameter) tube containing special micromechanical gravity sensors inside a drilled hole in the earth. These holes are typically in earthen slopes used in many places to support roadways, bridges, dams and other civil structures. Recent advances in sensor web software has resulted in a specification for sensor observation services providing a standard way of interfacing to web]connected sensors. If successful, our research will build a software system based on this specification that makes it easier to incorporate real]time and near real]time ShapeAccelArray observations into web based services. With this capability, meaningful representations of these types of geotechnical measurements can then be incorporated into web browsers in a straightforward fashion.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bradford G. Nickerson


Gunita Saini




Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of New Brunswick



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