Sentiment Analysis for the Assessment of Financial Fitness (SAFF)

We apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Sentiment Analysis for the Assessment of Financial Fitness (SAFF), which can help an individual to understand one’s latent feeling and reservation towards money saving, spending and planning. The SAFF framework can be applied to not only financial institutions, but also other sectors, e.g. healthcare, rehabilitation and education. Sentiment analysis can alert current situations, as well as to monitor long term financial development. The SAFF system can help providing better services to the public, help individuals achieve personal satisfaction and enjoy financial stability. Since the user communication tool is web-based, the framework supports user mobility. The system can be deployed across provinces, nationally and internationally. We believe that the current revolution in financial sectors is towards AI innovation, including Chatbot mediated sentiment analysis, and we want to make sure Canada is the leading country in AI adoption.

Faculty Supervisor:

Irene Cheng


Ashwani Kumar Singla;Soumik Das;Jannatual Maksuda Mourey


Servus Credit Union Ltd


Computer science



University of Alberta



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