Setup for Success: Improving pathways for talent retention

There is a perceived talent supply and demand gap in Nova Scotia’s ICT and digital tech sector and recruitment is at top of mind for employers. Hiring new employees can be time consuming and costly, however a well-planned onboarding program can increase the proficiency of a new hire and increase retention rates. The objective of the proposed research is to (1) examine best practices for employee onboarding and (2) investigate current practices within the tech sector. To answer these questions, we will conduct a literature review and deploy an industry-wide survey. Results from this research will be used to inform an online tool that can be leveraged by companies to develop or strengthen their own onboarding program and increase the retention rates of talent within the province’s tech sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Debra Gilin Oore;Yasushi Akiyama


Jingdi Wu;Maddy Blazer


Digital Nova Scotia




Other services (except public administration)


Saint Mary's University



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