Shipping Noise Characterization in Shallow Water Environment

Underwater acoustic propagation modeling was largely advanced by the world’s Navies from WWII until the early 2000’s. Growing evidence of the effects of sounds from human activities on marine life has made propagation modeling relevant to a much broader community including marine biologists, ecologists, regulators and environmental non-governmental organizations. In this project we aim to advance the state-of-the-art in application of underwater acoustic propagation modeling by integrating it to three problems: understanding changes to the arctic soundscape from climate change and increased vessel traffic, detection and localization of vessels, and understanding how sound propagates in turbulent environments around tidal turbines and how that affects turbine-animal interactions.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Barclay;Jean-Francois Bousquet


Afolarin Egbewande;Marina Antipina


JASCO Applied Sciences


Engineering - computer / electrical



Dalhousie University



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