Shrinkage of polymer coatings on wood veneers in aircraft structures: understanding the causes of the problem and possible solution

A common problem in aircraft cabinetry is deterioration of high gloss finishes, giving an "orange-peel look", which is attributed to some kind of dimensional instability. This can be related to the veneer, the varnish, their interactions and how they evolve over time and in different environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) to which the aircraft cabinetry are exposed during their manufacturing and usage. This problem is costly to Bombardier Aerospace, who must frequently rework the cabinetry surfaces. 3M Canada is interested in providing solutions. Therefore, in this project, which involves both polymer chemists and wood scientists, our goal is to understand the underlying reasons for the problem, by doing systematic experiments using a large variety of appropriate and complementary scientific techniques. With the information gained, rational solutions can be proposed and tested. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Bernard Riedl, Roger Hernandez Pena, Géraldine Bazuin, Christian Pellerin & Robert Prud'homme


Bob Mbouyem Yimmou, Jedi Rosero Alvarado & other


Bombardier Aerospace




Aerospace and defense


Université Laval



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