Siemens next generation land-based gas turbine engine combustors: Characterization and development of a newly-designed injection system

Siemens Canada develops land-based gas turbine engines that are used for power generation. These engines burn natural gas and produce combustion pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Reducing emission of these pollutants addition of low carbon fuel, such as hydrogen, to natural gas. However, addition of hydrogen leads to occurrence of combustion instabilities which are of safety concern for gas turbine operation. Through numerical simulations, Siemens has recently developed a fuel injection system that is believed to modify the combustion architecture inside the gas turbine engines such that allow for reducing the emissions from these engines while the possibility of combustion instability occurrence is minimized. The proposed project will experimentally assess the performance of this newly-developed Siemens fuel/air injection system. The experiments will be performed in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada’s gas turbine laboratory research staff, UBC interns, and Siemens research engineers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sina Kheirkhah


Sajjad Mohammadnejad Daryani;Leslie Saca;Ramin Heydarlaki


Siemens Canada


Engineering - other


Automotive and transportation




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