Signals of Opportunity-based Positioning Techniques for Challenging GNSS Environments Year Two

The availability and accuracy of GPS in some environments, such as indoors, is limited. Positioning utilizing radio frequency (RF) signals intended for communication, broadcasting, or networking is an attractive alternative or complement to GPS in such environments. The proposed research will develop novel methods to use RF signals of opportunity (SoO), such as WiFi signals and cellular telephone signals, for accurate and robust positioning in GPS challenged environments. This necessitates an investigation of the effects of RF signal characteristics on positioning performance. Detailed mathematical models will be developed to compensate for the negative impacts of such characteristics on positioning performance. The sponsoring company (RxNetworks Inc.) is deeply involved in utilizing SoO for positioning. This research will directly contribute to algorithmic improvements required by the company to enhance the accuracy and robustness of its SoO based positioning products. The development of such algorithms is of utmost importance to the company.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Klukas


Mahsa Shafiee


Rx Networks Inc.




Information and communications technologies




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