Silicon Quantum Dot Trace Explosive Sensor – Year two

The rapid detection of high energy materials (i.e., explosives) and chemical, biological and radioactive (CBR) agents have received substantial attention because of its obvious importance to security and forensics. Applied Quantum Materials Inc. (AQM) is developing a straightforward luminescent quantum dot paper- and/or cloth-based detection system that shows instantaneous optical detection of nitro-based explosives in solution and solid phases at nanogram levels by monitoring the luminescence quenching after being exposed to explosive residues.

The issue at hand is the current quantum dot (QD) sensor cannot distinguish between different nitro-based explosive groups (i.e., nitroaromatics, nitramines, and nitrate esters). Furthermore, the current technology cannot detect explosive inorganic salts (i.e., nitrate- and chlorate-based). The Research Intern will be responsible for working with AQM and its partners to develop and test the capabilities of the AQM QD sensor for its selectivity and the initial basic research for the development of new sensors for the detection of inorganic salts and chemical warfare agents. The sensors will be tested for their applications for first responders in the field, border control, and aviation security.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vladimir Michaelis


Ania Shantel Sergeenko


Applied Quantum Materials Inc





University of Alberta



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