Simplifying the chemistry of cosmetics for public use

Cosmetics are products composed to cleanse, protect and change the appearance of external parts of our bodies. While, the key ingredients present in most cosmetics include water, emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, moisturizers, colors, and fragrances, some other ingredients as a secret ingredient can be added to the products. Generally speaking, ingredients can be naturally occurring or artificial, but any potential impact on our health depends mainly on the chemical compounds that they contain. In developed countries, cosmetics and their ingredients are highly regulated by several government agencies, however, yet the general knowledge in this section due to the complexity involved is very confined. While the doses of potentially dangerous chemicals found in cosmetics are considered too small to pose a risk to human health, it depends on the individuals and their restrictions. The outcome of this project will try to simplify the complicated chemistry in the ingredients, make it more comprehensible for the public, and improve the education in this sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carlos Bazan


Sepideh Mehrani




Engineering - other



Memorial University of Newfoundland



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