Simulation and analysis of light scatter in head mounted display lens

Head-mounted display (HMD) lenses can include a high degree of scattering (ghosting) which reduces brightness and contrast, and is distracting to the user. This can directly impact the utility of the device, if for instance some of the display is illegible because of excess light scatter and blurring. In this research, we want to investigate ways to model sources of light scattering in a HMD with freeform lenses, using non-sequential raytracing software. From the results of the investigation, recommendations will be made with regards to the to the design of freeform lens to reduce the light scattering while maintaining image quality and brightness. Then, we will make freeform lenses with recommended design changes and compare their optical performances.

Faculty Supervisor:

Boris Stoeber


Hongbae Sam Park


Form Athletica Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies




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