Smart and Low-Cost Face-Shields Capable of Protection, Prevention and Detection for Essential Workers Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic

This project is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and aims at developing a self-disinfecting personal protective equipment (PPE), such as goggles, and face shields, that are crucial to the safety of frontline workers. The low-cost, easy-to-implement fabricated end-product can be applied in both production and retrofit contexts. The approach embeds a thin layer of transparent conducting polymer in/on the PPE’s visor, integrated with a simple electronic circuit. Upon application of certain voltage, virus will be first detected and then inactivated by the generated heat of 60-65°C through the polymeric film electrode.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohammad Hossein Zarifi


Ehsan Hosseini


Tangent Design Engineering



Professional, scientific and technical services




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