Smart Data Fusion for COVID-19 Patients

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, tech industry is racing to develop apps as well as wearable devices to help people to trace contacts, to self-assess, and to self-monitor the development of COVID-19 cases. However, these apps and devices work independently of each other, which leave it to users to connect pieces of information to determine risks and to assess possible COVID-19 infection as well as the severity of the condition. Moreover, the data is invaluable for healthcare providers to treat patients and also for COVID-19 research. In this project, we propose and develop BrightShare, a smart fusion solution to unleash the power of data. BrightShare turns patients’ COVID-19 and health data into actionable information by aggregating data from apps and devices, assessing data against early-warning indicators of COVID-19 infection, and enabling transparent data sharing. BrightShare unites patients, healthcare providers, and COVID-19 researchers to combat COVID-19 together.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mea Wang


Navid Alipour;Yang Liu




Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Calgary



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