Smart Over-the-Road Loading Matching Suggestions

Freight service is an integral part of any business that supplies or sells physical goods. Even though its importance is often hidden from consumers, the sight of trucks and cargo vans on city streets and highways can make one appreciate the extent to which freight service impacts our lives. In North America, many carriers (i.e. companies that own trucks, vans, etc.) care medium or small sized, consisting of a handful to no more than a hundred trucks in their fleet. The emergence of digital freight matching platforms helps improve the efficiencies of freight at a global level by matching smaller carriers to provide freight service across a broad network that they would otherwise have no access to. The success of a such platform requires making sound recommendations in near real-time fashion. The proposed research, in partnership with FreightPath, seeks to investigate methods for better pricing schemes and resource minimization using statistical and optimization techniques.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kevin Cheung;Yiqiang Zhao


Zhao Yue;Hao Shi




Statistics / Actuarial sciences


Transportation and warehousing


Carleton University



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