Smart public toilets using Internet of things

The washrooms can be equipped with smart objects to be controlled and monitored to increase the customer satisfaction. This technology utilizes connected washroom equipment such as toilet paper, towels, soap dispensers, and water leakage sensors. In smart washrooms, the condition of the washroom is monitored and the management is informed when anything needs attention. This smart system can save time and reduce maintenance costs by replacing supplies only when needed. Furthermore, early detection of water leaks helps to utilize water efficiently, conserves water, prevents damage caused by leaks, and save money on repairs caused by water damage. This technology is very useful for public places such as hospitals, airports, shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels. The company, Visionstate, has developed washroom management with an innovative use for touchscreen technology. Therefore, this project will complete the company objectives.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chintha Tellambura


Zeinab Zeinalkhani


Visionstate Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Alberta



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