SMART Technologies for the Classroom: Supporting Collaboration and Inquiry Year Two

Since 1991 SMART Technologies has infused classrooms around the world with powerful interactive technologies, principally the “SMART Board” which sets a standard for interactive whiteboards. The SMART Board has been featured in many innovative designs for learning and instruction – some coming from academic research, and many from classroom teachers as they integrate touch boards into their own instructional practice. This postdoctoral research program will extend and apply my dissertation research, which centred around the role of the SMART Board as a display of student knowledge, and an entry point for knowledge building discourse. Working closely with SMART product developers, I will articulate and study new pedagogical patterns that leverage Smart technologies to help make collaboration and inquiry more accessible to teachers. The pedagogical designs that we study will employ new products from SMART including multi-touch tables and distributed “canvas” representations

Faculty Supervisor:

James Slotta


Cresencia Fong


SMART Technologies




Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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