Smart technology use with Public Safety and first responders

This project aims at identifying, analyzing, and documenting the operational requirements for a technological solution that will replace the currently used, time consuming, paper-based, building safety plans. Upon arriving at an incident scene, first responders rush to these on-site safety plans to know the ins and outs and the safety details of the incident scene. The few minutes spent doing this can be the difference between life and death and can be used to significantly reduce losses. The architectural and operational characteristics of a technological solution that can deliver a soft-copy of these safety plans to the smart devices in the hands of first responders in their way to the incident scene is sought. This project paves the way for first responders to use requirements engineering to communuicate and quantify their needs. It will also help them benefit from market competition and economy of scale to reduce the cost of their technological tools. The benefits to the partner organization is twofold. First, it will have a unique opportunity to tailor their products to better suit the needs of first responders. Second, it will have the opportunity to make new products to solve previously unidentified or untackled problems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hussein Mouftah


Ala Abu Alkheir


Advance Property eXposure Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Ottawa



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