Smart wireless power transfer system

In this project, a novel Wireless Power Transmission Integrated Circuit (“WPTIC”) system capable of simultaneous power transmission to multiple devices at varying power needs and distances, through objects of various materials and densities are going to be developed. This system can be obtained by an innovative circuits and antennas structure to model and control the near-field electric and magnetic fields, and also far-field electromagnetic propagation. There are two areas in power transmission, far-field and near-field. Far field is referring to radiating power and is capable of providing power at the longer distances; however, in near-field domain, both electric and magnetic fields would be transmitted to the receiver to provide higher power at the vicinity of the transmitter and also make the most of both mechanisms.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahriar Mirabbasi


Alireza Asoodeh




Engineering - computer / electrical



University of British Columbia



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