Smartphone-based Real-Time Automatic Image Tagging

Mobile phone, media and entertainment sectors are of critical importance to our economy. With the massive usage of mobile devices (e.g., British Columbia has the highest smartphone penetration among all provinces in Canada) and increasing popularity of smartphone camera applications and mobile social networks, automatic image tagging is crucial for the next-generation mobile social media services. The tag is basically an automatic description for the photo. In this project, we will develop innovative approaches for auto scene understanding and automatic facial expression recognition to facilitate the automatic image tagging process. The industry partner will have access to HQP with relevant expertise and advanced technologies developed by the project. The developed technologies will be important new components of the company’s new Apps and services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Z. Jane Wang


Zhenyu Guo, Jiannan Zheng


Pantoscope Media Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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