Social cartographies of initiatives of social transformation

Social transformation requires a deep understanding of the cultural, economic and historical forces and flows that connect peoples, places, and world views, and of the difficulties of intervening in complex, dynamic systems. This research project uses the methodology of social cartography to map diverse (and potentially conflicting) interests, ambitions and orientations of socially engaged communities and initiatives supported by the Musagetes Foundation. The project will produce different mappings of main assumptions and orientations, identified within these communities and within Musagetes itself. It will also map corresponding paradoxes, tensions and power relations within and between these communities (and their supporters) that might emerge as a result of divergent understandings, dispositions and orientations. Collaboratively developed cartographies will serve also as a tool for expanding frames of mutual understanding and possibilities of more responsive and inclusive relationships in/with initiatives of social transformation that engage with diverse communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti


Rene Su?a


Musagetes Foundation






University of British Columbia



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