Social-emotional development in early childcare programs

The Teaching Pyramid Model (TPM) was designed as a promotion, prevention, and intervention framework to support the social, emotional, and behavioral development of young children. Successful implementation of the TPM in ELC programs requires staff capacity (e.g., professional development, refresher courses for staff, performance feedback, staff support and family engagement (e.g., providing families with training to teach their children SE skills at home, enhancing parent-staff relationships). The objectives of this project is twofold: (1) to follow the behaviour of children enrolled in Early Learning Care (ELC) programs that have implemented the TPM to explore how it increases child social, emotional, and behavioral skills, and (2) to explore how quality implementation of the TPM intervention (staff capacity and family engagement strategies) will help support staff and families to promote SE skills during early childhood. This research will contribute to ongoing scholarship on early years prevention and intervention of SE problems. It will also inform provincial policy on quality care by training and supporting staff and families to promote SE development in children, thereby increasing access, support and meaningful participation to all children, regardless of a diagnosis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Christina Rinaldi & Rebecca Gokiert


Nicole Nosworthy


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University of Alberta



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