Software Framework for Smart Building Energy Audits

With more and more buildings being controlled by automation systems, one would expect their energy performance to be optimised. This is not the case however. Buildings can still go out of tune, and building operators can become overwhelmed by the alarms sounding from the automation systems, not knowing how to prioritize them. SES consulting is well poised to provide a “human in the loop” performance analysis service, leveraging their expert knowledge and the data from the building automation system. For this project, SES plans to field-test the open source platform Volttron in a client building. On top of testing the core functionality of Volttron, the intern will build an analysis layer and a visualization layer to realize the infrastructure of the whole system. The partner will benefit by gaining an automatic data processing system, which will be used to decrease the energy consumption for commercial and institutional buildings. This project will help reduce our impact on the living environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Arrvindh Shriraman


Han Bao


SES Consulting Inc


Computer science


Digital media


Simon Fraser University



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