Software Tools for the Compression of Sets of Satellite Images

In conjunction with Iunctus Geomatics Corp, we propose to develop a storage system for collected satellite image sets. The properties of typical sets of satellite images will be used to reduce the overall storage requirement for the image sets. This is expected to lead to reduced hardware requirement for storage, as well as a reduction in transmission time for image sets. Software tools to manage the image sets will be developed. Furthermore, we will study the feasibility of incorporating different types of image sets (corresponding to different products based on the same image sets) into a single storage system, so that the images corresponding to the different products can be stored together efficiently as well. Since the different products are not treated independently, we expect additional reduction in storage requirement and transmission time. The proposed systems will be evaluated based on both storage space reduction and the amount of computationally overhead incurred.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Howard Cheng


Vivek Trivedi


Iunctus Geomatics Corp


Computer science


Aerospace and defense


University of Lethbridge



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