Sol-gel encapsulation of safflower derived oilbodies and immobilization of fractionated seed proteins for evaluation of stability under simulated gastrointestinal conditions.


SemBioSys Genetics, Inc is active in the production of recombinant, pharmacologically active proteins using the seeds of the safflower plant. The purified product is associated with oilbodies derived from the seed. In this project, the intern will perform research on a novel encapsulation technology for functional food. The technology is aiming at encapsulating a pharmaceutically active product upon the surface of oilbodies in a silica-based hull. This hull will protect the product from stomach acids while releasing the drug in the lower gastrointestinal tract. Using this silica technology will allow for a targeted release, utilizing the enhanced degradation of the silica matrix at high pH levels. This project has the potential to create a new product line for SemBioSys.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michael S. Kallos


Jochen Fahr


SemBioSys Genetics


Engineering - petrochemical




University of Calgary



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