Solar harvesting textiles for self-powered health monitoring and human-machine interactions

Wearable electronics has become one of the most intensive research fields due to the ability to improve human life, enable interaction in the virtual world and the demand for portable electronics. Textiles with embedded electronic elements hold great potential for the next generation of health monitoring and human-machine interaction devices. Flexible sensors built on textiles convert physical movements of the human body into measurable signals, which allows real-time monitoring and precise measurement. However, a power source is needed to support the operation of the devices. Flexible photovoltaic devices fabricated from polymers have the advantages of being light-weight, low-cost, and scalable in manufacturing. By integrating flexible photovoltaic devices with sensors, it is possible to develop a self-powered sensing textile that allows continuous highly sensitive monitoring without external power supply. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Ko


Zenan Jiang


Texavie Technologies Inc


Engineering - other






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