Solution of complementarity problems arising from rigid body dynamics simulations

Modeling and simulation of realistic motion is one of the important topics in mechanical engineering and related areas. Such simulations become much more challenging when rigid body dynamics with frictional contacts appears. The total number of contact points is very important and is a key element to determine the difficulty level of the simulation, meaning that if the number of contact points increases, the simulation becomes too difficult or even impossible. In this project, we would like to develop algorithms by which we can do the simulation for large number of contact points. The partner organization, CMLabs Simulations Inc., will greatly benefit from this project. The proposed work is of direct relevance to their current work that will open possibilities to broaden the applications of CMLabs’ software.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jozsef Kövecses


Mostafa Nasri


CM Labs Simulations


Engineering - mechanical


Digital media


McGill University



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