Solving the integration problem for loyalty programs

Paying with a mobile phone within brick and mortar retailers is becoming increasingly popular, as it adds convenience as well as security to the payment process. Many retailers that use interac terminals with tap technology allow mobile phone payments in this way but are unable to integrate loyalty points into the mobile payment process. This is called the mobile loyalty payment integration problem, as most retailers who offer loyalty programs, have to scan the mobile loyalty application but are unable to have the process take place while the consumer is paying with the purchase through the mobile application. This issue can potentially be solved through could based technology, which would allow the mobile phone user to collect rewards while simply using the tap technology on the interac payment terminal, while paying for their purchase.

Faculty Supervisor:

Israat Haque


Fergus Dearden


Bluethumb Technologies


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University


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