Sour and Sweet Corrosion Resistance of Alloys and Coatings

The oil and gas industry often contain a certain amount of CO2, H2S and chlorine compounds. H2S can cause sour corrosion and sulfide stress cracking (SSC) of stainless steels. Failures due to H2S are usually sudden with no warning. SSC is the worst type of corrosion in the presence of H2S. Many methods have been suggested to mitigate SSC and other corrosion issues in wet and sour service. Considering the design and the operation environments, the most practical solution is to change the materials of construction and select alternative material and/ coating to suit the specific need. Therefore, this proposal aims at evaluating the sour gas resistance of stainless steels and other potential corrosion-resistant alloys and coatings in sour service. This project will also increase the competitiveness of RGL in oil & gas industry by offering valuable data and experience to enhance the performance of its products for downhole applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jing Liu


Haoxiang Wang


RGL Reservoir Management Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological



University of Alberta



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