SSL Offloading Prototype

SOTI MoblControl is an enterprise mobllity management solution that secures and manages, mobile devices and the mobile data across all endpomts. To ensure end-to-end security, MobiControl encrypts all
communication between the MobiControl Manager and the Deployment Server uslng Secure Socket layer (SSL). The SSL Is a cryptographic protocol that is use widely for secure communication. The process of the encryption and the decryption In the SSL require considerable computation power. Specially in a situation of handling a large number of devices. This can put a significant stain on CPU resources and effect the performance of the system. By isolating SSL computation into a separate process and offloading process to specific hardware, and network components that are optimized specifically for this task, organizations gain grealtar control and ability to optimize the throughput of their system. The research will focus on creating a proof of concept that will potentially support SOTI’s customers in infrastructure saving.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Lie


Or Aharoni




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and cultural industries




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