Stand and stock table projection system for Interior Douglas-fir in the central interior of British Columbia

Forest management in Canada will be more and more constrained by species habitat requirements as well as the risks and results of natural disturbances. The recent, sever Mountain Pine Beetle outbreak in the interior of British Columbia resulted in a harvest shortage of lodgepole pine in this region. Forest managers now rely heavily on non-pine harvests, mainly within the Interior Douglas-fire forest type. This forest type requires partial cutting and is further constrained by several ecological and social forest management objectives. Sustainable forest management of the Interior Douglas-fir forest type requires the ability to predict responses to forest management activities. There is currently no tool that allows making these forecasts at both the stand as well as forest level. We are proposing to develop a stand and stock table projection system that will allow forest managers to easily predict possible outcomes to planned management activities at both the stand and forest level scale.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bianca Eskelson


Woongsoon Jang


Tesera Systems Inc






University of British Columbia



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