Steering the Innovation Process: Accelerating Ideas to Impact in Water Treatment – Conclusion

Demand for water and wastewater treatment has grown substantially in recent years, leading to a increased need for innovative technology. To remain a global leader in UV-based treatment technology, Trojan must continue to innovate through its intesive research and development program. One of Trojan’s distinguishing features has been the rigorous analysis and testing that our products undergo during design, development and validation. Trojan uses cutting-edge tools for modeling fluid flow, UV raidiation distribution, as well as biological and chemical kinetics to predict reactor performance. Trojan also performs extensive physical testing to validate integrated CFD-opticalkinetic models used during product development to optimize design and to validate completed designs. This proposal aims to complete the goals of our original proposal: defining a holistic Innovation Process Roadmap for accelerating the innovation process and engraining it within the organization through disciplined implementation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ajay Ray,George Nakhla, Keith Warriner, Marc Aucoin


Shimin Mao, Ferdinando Crapulli, Dario Bogojevic, Afroza Begum, TBD, Medhavi Gupta, Ilias Mahmud, TBD, Biljana Todorovic


Trojan Technologies


Engineering - other


Construction and infrastructure


University of Guelph



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