Stories without borders: A Canadian/Mexican study of translation practices and Indigenous language literacy

Stories Without Borders is a collaborative educational project between a Canadian and a Mexican research team, with the support of the Canadian NGO Education without Borders (EwB). The research problem addressed is: How can childrens stories written in English and other Indigenous languages for Indigenous children in Canada best be translated into Indigenous Mexican languages for Indigenous children in Mexico? The study addresses both translation challenges and solutions described by Mexican translators of 7 Indigenous languages in the process of translating 12 childrens stories available on the Canadian open access site: Indigenous Storybooks, found at ( The Mitacs intern, UBC PhD candidate Liam Doherty, will develop a translation app for the project, and help with data collection, coding, and analysis of the qualitative data. There will be 84 new translations available on the Indigenous Storybooks site, and a publication in preparation. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Bonny Norton


Liam Doherty


Education without Borders








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