Strategic BC Salmon Health Initiative: effects of pathogens on the health and conservation of BC’s Pacific Salmon

B.C.’s Pacific salmon are in decline yet the causes are not clear. The role of disease in declining productivity is poorly understood but is potentially an important factor especially given recent controversies involving salmon farms and disease transmission to wild salmon. We have recently collected quantitative data on 47+ viral, bacterial, fungal, and protozoan pathogens in >16,000 out-migrating juvenile sockeye, Chinook and coho salmon and 4,500 salmon from farms culturing Atlantic and Chinook salmon. These large and complex datasets now require sophisticated analyses and results summarized for scientific papers, and to inform salmon management. Three postdoctoral fellows will lead the analyses, write-up and extension of the results. They will work in association with the Pacific Salmon Foundation, our partner, to conduct the analyses and help our partner better inform salmon management and develop conservation policies for the species that the Pacific Salmon Foundation helps to protect and conserve.

Faculty Supervisor:

Scott Hinch


Amy Teffer


Pacific Salmon Foundation




Medical devices




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