Stressless Gamification to Improve Workplace Health

Stress is a top workforce risk and according to a Towers-Watson 2013 survey, half of all employers identify improving the emotional and mental health of employees as their top priority for building health and productivity programs. The objective of this research is to improve StressWelliQ’s systems and product portfolio by creating gamified technology solutions and thereby improving the lives of Canadians. The creation and evaluation of this technology will allow StressWelliQ to create a more effective augmented stress management platform. We expect to (a) build the gamification and social interaction strategies within StressWelliQ’s platform, (b) evaluate the effectiveness and (c) build gamified application strategies of the biomedical devices developed by StressWelliQ. It is expected that these results will help StressWelliQ to gain a competitive advantage for stress management, stress evaluation, and stress prevention. Building a gamified stress management platform will ultimately provide novel research and design opportunities for the interns and help them build a stronger researcher portfolio.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Hancock


Adrian Reetz


FlourishiQ Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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