Student Intentions and Perceptions Survey

The proposed study will involve development and use of a survey tool to solicit responses from grade 6-9 youth across the province, and in-depth analysis of these data. The intern will help pilot the survey tool and make any necessary revisions to the tool prior to implementation. Upon launch of the tool, the intern will manage any user queries during the survey period. The student will conduct the initial quantitative analysis, and the detailed qualitative analysis, and will compose the final report with StFX academic supervisors and the principal investigator. The data from this study will provide valuable insights to the IORE (and the Marine People Partnership, which is the workforce development initiative undertaken at the IORE) into social perceptions of careers in trades & technology, engineering, and ocean sciences (jn Nova Scotia), and of factors that strongly influence the socialization and normalization of those perceptions. These data may signal optimal periods for targeting career counseling and awareness and exposure building program, and will help to inform MPP activities and initiatives relating to the development of intervention and awareness programs aimed

Faculty Supervisor:

Katarin MacLeod


Laura Stiles-Clarke


Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise






St. Francis Xavier University



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