Study the bond strength of adhered manufactured stone veneer units and setting bed mortar at different temperatures and different cycles of freeze-thaw

The bond between adhered manufactured stone masonry veneer units and the setting bed mortar will be studied. It will involve testing shear, and tensile bond on small samples. Samples will consist of 2 types of adhered manufactured stones; two types of setting bed mortar (Type S, and modified dry-set cement mortar); and two types of substrates (simulated scratch coat and metal lath, and exterior grade cement board). Samples will be tested at 3 different temperatures (-20, 0 and 20°C), and 2 different numbers of freeze-thaw cycles. Three samples will be cast and tested for each combination. Reliability analysis will be conducted on the results to suggest which combination works best at different temperatures or with respect to the number of cycles of freeze-thaw. In addition, some factors that modify the bond strength equations will be investigated to determine if their inclusion better predict the bond strengths.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nigel Shrive


Samira Rizaee


Alberta Masonry Council


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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