Sub Synchronous Oscillations in Power Systems

With increased levels of series compensation of transmission lines (Which is the most economical solution for bulk power transmission over long distances) and with more power electronic controllers such as HVDC, FACTS and converter based distributed generation in the power network, Sub Synchronous Interaction (SSI) problems arise. It is necessary to identify different types of SSI that could occur in the power network through proper means and to prevent such at the design stage or to take counter measures if required. This project intends to clarify different types of SSI by capturing any inconsistencies or limitations I definitions by developing various test cases in RSCAD. These test cases will be further expanded to evaluate reported screening techniques, analytical techniques and mitigation techniques in different aspects and thereafter to develop screening techniques to capture SSI phenomenon in multiple series compensated lines at multiple contingencies and to develop efficient and effective mitigation techniques. Furthermore, Average Value models of TCSC will be developed to speed up system level studies. The final major outcome of this project is a proper SSI risk evaluation methodology which one can follow in SSI case studies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Udaya Annakkage;Chandana Karawita


Dilini B Rathnayaka Weerakoon


RTDS Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Manitoba



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