Supplemental, electric thermal storage appliance for indoor heating

Neothermal Energy Storage Inc has developed a new kind of electric thermal storage (ETS) supplemental indoor heating appliance to reduce heating costs for homes heating with oil. Neothermal ETS does this by managing home energy use to take advantage of utility demand response programs that provide low-cost electricity when demand on the grid is low.
Neothermal ETS stores heat using a non-toxic salt/water mixture instead of storing heat in bricks, concrete, or water. Using salt improves ETS efficiency, safety, and function.
The intern will be responsible to analyze data from two field trial prototypes installed in a Halifax home in April 2018, direct computer simulation development to evaluate design improvements, and direct new product design developments for customer testing in Fall/Winter 2018-19. Furthermore, the intern will be responsible to begin development and testing of Neothermal’s central heating supplemental ETS for forced-air furnaces and residential boilers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alain Joseph


Louis Desgrosseilliers




Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy




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