Supporting Canadian families: A national review of the F&ST program

Family Service Canada (FSC) is a Canadian nonprofit organization dedicated to building healthy families. One program delivered by FSC, called Family & Schools Together, has been shown to help families become more involved in their children’s education and support student’s learning but it has not yet been researched in Canada. To find out if this program is helpful for Canadian families, we will be interviewing FSC staff, families, children, and teachers across five FSC sites to determine whether or not they feel the F&ST program is effective. We will also research other parent programs that are similar to F&ST to determine if there is a program out there that may be a better fit for Canadian families. Overall, this project will inform FSC’s programming decisions to ensure that Canadian families are receiving the best possible support for their children.

Faculty Supervisor:

Veronica Smith


Lauren Trafford


Family Service Canada






University of Alberta



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