Supporting Light Steering Technology within the Future Cinema Ecosystem

With rapidly improving display technologies used in the home, cinema needs to remain competitive in terms of achieving the highest image quality on screen. While increasing the quantity of pixels is currently rolled out, so far nothing has been proposed to improve the quality of those pixels. Emerging prototype cinema displays are currently being show-cased which brings significant improvement over traditional cinema experience. However new display technology with different pixel quality require modification to the traditional cinema workflow. This project aims at estimating the limits of the human vision system capabilities within a controlled environment to help define the specifications of future cinema display systems. Additionally, algorithm will be designed to allow inter-operability between the difference cinema displays that will exist in the future cinema ecosystem with particular focus on light steering, a revolutionary technology capable of greatly increasing pixel quality for similar power requirements than traditional displays.

Faculty Supervisor:

Panos Nasiopoulos


Stylianos Ploumis


MTT Innovation


Engineering - computer / electrical


Digital media




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