Supporting Sustainable Architectural Conservation Practices

The proposed internship project deals with the compilation and preparation of relevant scientific content for the Association for Preservation Technology International (APTI) Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation, which is currently developing an innovative ?Online Sustainable Conservation Assistance Resource.? Also known as OSCAR, this tool is aimed at becoming an ?interactive resource that establishes a clear process and aids in the making of optimal decisions necessary for the sustainable treatment of historic buildings?. The compilation of the relevant material, based on proposed interventions to building components, will be conducted by identifying applicable existing bibliographic material, as well, as conducting applied research work on the use of sustainable approaches for current preservation projects undertaken by MTBA Architects. The intern will assist in project work by conducting applied research thus contributing to the work of the firm as well as the intern?s academic and career goals. Furthermore, her work will be used to foster knowledge at the international stage using the APT OSCAR application.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mario Santana-Quintero


Carly Farmer


MTBA: Mark Thompson Brandt Architect & Associates Inc.


Architecture and design


Construction and infrastructure


Carleton University



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