Surface testing: A solution for surface degradation of industrial materials in harsh environment

This project will demonstrate the cause and effect of industrial material failures in the harsh Newfoundland climate under the general umbrella of corrosion. Our main focus is materials used in the marine and oil & gas industries. By simulating real-world conditions in the laboratory, we will be able to apply cutting-edge materials analysis techniques to extract new and useful information, Our methods and results can be applied in future to real-world industrial samples and will be crucial for identifying and mitigating corrosion effects in industrial settings our laboratory techniques to show the different type of corrosion in industry materials, and the degree of corrosion with time (in days). We will mimic the environmental effects in the laboratory to show a prototype case of corrosio in the material. Our main focus is the materials of marine and oil & gas industries. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Erika Merschrod


Abhijit Chatterjee


qualiTEAS Inc




Information and communications technologies




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