Sustainability & Environmental Management in a Private Sector Seafood Company

Clearwater Seafoods Ltd. Partnership (Clearwater) is a global seafood company concerned with the long-term sustainability of marine resources. A number of Clearwater’s products are MSC certified. This is a voluntary program which involves verifying that the rigorous standards outlined in the federal fisheries regulations are being followed. Annual audits are conducted to ensure they are meeting these standards and the intern will assist in this process. The intern will also look at fuel, electricity and water usage, as well as the waste produced in the facilities to determine areas where Clearwater is being sustainable and other areas that can be improved. Another factor which determines the company’s overall sustainability is how well Clearwater’s interacts with its community. The intern will look at past community involvement across locations to understand how much Clearwater is involved with activities such as charity work and other programs and events so that they might improve their engagement within their communities. Reports will be produced from this research that will then be used by Clearwater’s executives and managers for future planning to maximize sustainability within the company.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Peter Tyedmers


Melissa Archibald


Clearwater Seafoods


Resources and environmental management


Fisheries and wildlife


Dalhousie University



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